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Allez Sprint Campaign 


Creative Studio


A short documentary series featuring Brett Hite

A short documentary series portraying cyclists

Hunt Bike Wheels Why I Ride Randy Burley Christopher Stricklen Santa Barbara San Francisco Art Photography

Video content for the Giro Ondas collection

HASEL& creative studio working with Specialized on the all-new Allez Sprint campaign

Meet the Brothers

Joni Hasel Creative Director

Joni Hasel

Creative Director /

Managing Partner

Daniel Hasel Director Photography

Daniel Hasel

Director of Photography /

Managing Partner

Florian Hasel

Project Development


Florian Hasel


Based out of Palo Alto and Vienna we create short documentaries and branded content to connect brands with their audience. Combining our backgrounds of film production and architecture & design we work as a creative studio that brings a unique skillset to each project. 

We trust in small, creatively-led teams to bring projects to life by working with a close network of like-minded professionals. Because every project has its own needs we can handle the entire production process from start to finish as well as partnering with in-house teams of brands. 

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