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A Day in the Life

A portrait of Andrew Jackson riding his favorite spots in LA.

”I’ve always ridden my bike because it’s what I love to do. I’ve been through too many low points in my life to be doing something I don’t believe in for clout or money. All that can go as quick as it comes and chasing that wave is never ending. So try to fully understand why you’re into something then pursue it with that in mind and ride out the highs and lows as they come regardless if anyones watching or not.”

Client: Giro / Flashpoint MVMNT

Year: 2022

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Ondas Collection

Capturing the Ondas collection in action this campaign video was created to to visualize what inspired the new design. 


“The feeling of flying over undulating pavement, bending around corners at full speed in the wind, matching pedal strokes with the rise and fall of the landscape… The Ondas collection captures the energy we get from waves in all their forms—from winding mountain roads, to the vibrant black and white stone walkways of the Rossio Square in Lisbon, to the laid back vibes of a seaside town where birds soar, the surf crashes, and the beautiful evening sunsets mark the finish line.”

Client: Giro

Year: 2020

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