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HASEL& Originals

We create to connect people. This means that sometimes we make our own original productions- simply because we believe they are stories worth telling.

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Never Not Riding

From building jumps in his backyard with his brother to riding BMX as a professional athlete, the sport brought Andrew Jackson around the world. But after a career ending accident he needs to find out why riding really matters to him and learn what it means to rediscover his love for cycling. 


Never Not Riding is a HASEL& Original directed by Daniel & Joni Hasel .

Never Not riding has screened at the Bicycle Film Festival in New York and will be screening in Portland at Filmed by Bike.

Featuring: Andrew Jackson

Year: 2022

What is your passion?

This short doc tells the story of how Lorenz' passion for photography developed and why the outdoors are so important to him.

Featuring: Lorenz Weisse

Year: 2019

Textures of LA

When architecture meets cycling. How Joni Hasel uses his bicycle to get to know LA from a different perspective.

Featuring: Joni Hasel

Year: 2020

What is your passion?

This short doc shows how the passion for old cars connects a family tradition with the longing to create something new.

Featuring: Lukas Sikora

Year: 2019

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